What is Attraqt
Welcome, this page is a high-level introduction to Attraqt's solutions.

What is Attraqt? - Powering Exceptional Shopping Experiences.
Attraqt powers exceptional shopping experiences for over 300 of the world’s leading brands, manufacturers and retailers. Attraqt combines the benefits of the pioneering Fredhopper Discovery Platform with the award-winning Experience Orchestrator (XO) Platform, to provide a set of API enabled, algorithm-driven, intelligent SaaS services covering personalization, search, navigation, merchandising, recommendations and internationalization.

What does the Experience Orchestrator do?

The Experience Orchestrator (XO) is an open personalization platform that unifies and empowers all key customer journey stakeholders, enabling business, data and technical teams to successfully leverage existing eCommerce technology investments.
XO orchestrates AI models in real-time while allowing clients to integrate their own algorithms. This helps build true personalization strategies and create differentiated experiences at scale, ultimately ensuring individualized and connected micro-experiences that support the customer journey, from discovery through to inspiration, purchase, and beyond.

What does Fredhopper do?

The Fredhopper Discovery Platform (FHR), drives relevant and inspiring e-commerce experiences through search and merchandising SaaS solutions. Simple-to-use interfaces and efficient workflows enable merchandisers to take full control and enhance the value of smart automation with their own strategic expertise and creativity.

What will you learn?

Through this documentation you will learn all about integrating our tracking into your website, and how the integration relates to the final reports and analytics you'll receive. You will learn what activities are and what they look like, how to integrate your tracker key and send your first activity(or event), along with all advanced options and use cases.
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