What is the Items API?
Attraqt's items API is a state-of-the-art streaming API to ingest data to be used in our different merchandising platforms. This includes both catalogue information (products and variants) as well as content (images, banners, etc), all stored in the form of items.
The items API supports the following use cases:
  • A workflow of creating, populating and activating a new catalogue version
  • Event based incremental updates
  • Multi-market and multi-lingual catalogues and category trees
  • Support for multiple datatypes
  • Ingesting data from multiple source (e.g. catalogue data from a PIM, content from a CMS and stock from an ERP). Each source can send a partial item, which are then merged in the pipeline
  • Single integration to power our solutions Fredhopper and XO
  • Active item validation in the API to ensure high data quality
This API is used to unlock AI-driven data enrichments such as visual tagging, product tagging, AI Scores, AI-Powered Search, and Algorithm Orchestration. Items sent to Attraqt can be enriched before being imported into our merchandising platforms.
Last modified 21d ago
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