Troubleshooting API errors
Each API has error codes corresponding to prerequisites. But some errors can appear in specific cases, and some errors are common to the different endpoints.

503 Service Unavailable

In some cases with a correct request, the API may return a 503 error. This can occur when the API is scaling up in case of a high volume of shared requests. This error indicates that the API is in preparation.
The best practice is to set up a retry system in case of a 503 error when sending data.

401 Unauthorized

This error appears in case the call is not authenticated. See Authorization to APIs

403 Forbidden

If you are authenticated, this error appears in case you do not have the rights on the requested resource. See Authorization to APIs

Error body example

"code": {{Error number}},
"message": {{Error message}},
"details": []
The error number is specific to our API. The Error message contains additional information about the error encountered. It can also contain an error category specific to each API.
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