How to work with Items
A central concept in our items API is the concept of a catalogue. A catalogue is a self-describing data structure containing items.
Each catalogue is defined by one or more item structure, called item schemas. Items can be organised in a hierarchical way, defined as a catalogue tree.
The general workflow of this API is as follows:
  • Create a new item schema defining every attribute (or use an existing one)
  • Create a new category tree (or use an existing one)
  • Create a new catalogue version referencing an item schema and category tree (optional)
  • Send all the items to this new catalogue version
  • Activate this catalogue version
  • Keep sending updates to this catalogue version
Each step is described in more detail below in the following sections
A step by step guide is available providing examples for all the steps
To ensure the best performance and stability of the API, please consult our best practices
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