Managing identities

What are identities

To be able to make most of analyzing user behavior, we shouldn't look at events as being completely standalone, as they are logically connected (i.e. a search leads to a view on a product which leads to a purchase). For this reason we use user identities to be able to link separate events into user journeys. The user identities need to be sent through the user object in the activity. The user object also contains segments and traits. More on that below.
These identities are then merged together in our system to form a single user profile (per user). We are then able to identify all events that belong to a user allowing us to produce better informed analytics. More on how that works below.
Important! In order to make use of different identities, they need to be configured. Session id is enabled by default. If you need to configure any other identities, such as an ecommerce id, you need to contact Attraqt, we will do it for you.
To read more about how to use the identities, you can look at the section below.
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